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November 13th, 2012


Is there a question of using your name or a pen name or persona? So which is the better plan? Are there pros and cons to each and if so what might the issues of eash be? For an artist - regaurdless of the medium, recognition is pararmount, but is it by reputation, by signature or by some determination of the artists quality of the finished product?

We know that after the death of an artist; the artists works are usually authenticated one way or another, but is the signature what makes it real, is it brush stroke, the flar of the pen, the style or the quality?

As a child I signed my artwork with clay's and that became the means by which my artwork became known. I also created a signature style using both pointillism and line art to create the finished product. My arteork is recognizable by sight for the most part. But would it be better to create a huge copyright or trademark folio? Probably not. Besides, the starving artist usually cannot afford that kind of ongoing record keeping.

So if years after my death, someone discovers peices of my work in a different style, with a different signature would that mean that those pieces are not authentically mine- not of the same value?

Recognition is paramount....isn't it?